is a specialist vehicle export company based in Chiba City, Japan. We are located close to Japan`s largest used vehicle auction houses, and have access to over 50,000 cars, and 5,000 motorcycles per week.

FVEJ is an Australian owned and operated company, with team members from Japan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Peru, Norway, New Zealand, Myanmar and the UK. Every member of our team is multilingual, and we have a total of more than 80 years combined experience in the vehicle export business. Thanks to the unique services we offer, the trade network we have established, our industry experience, and our knowledge of the products we supply, we are able to provide our clients with many advantages.

The FVEJ team members dont simply trade cars, bikes and parts, we are up to our necks in them, day-in, day-out. Whether it be during the week at work, or on the weekend at play, we are motoring enthusiasts, and we are into the vehicles we export, just as much as our clients are.

Our focus is on building strong relationships with all of our clients, and we are committed to providing high quality vehicles, in a timely manner, at the lowest possible prices. We currently export cars, motorcycles, and parts to over 20 countries, and have built up a large network of suppliers, and industry contacts that you, as our clients, can use to your advantage.

The FVEJ team is responsive, and highly motivated. We have the knowledge, experience and access to provide you with the right vehicles, every time. Please contact us today, to discuss how you can take advantage of the opportunity, to import high quality cars, motorcycles, and parts, direct from the source!

Our services include

  • Supply of new and used cars
  • Supply of new and used motorcycles
  • Supply of factory parts for cars and motorcycles
  • Supply of aftermarket tuning parts for cars and motorcycles
  • Containerizing of vehicles and motorcycles
  • Containerizing of half-cuts, and spare parts
  • Arranging international shipping of vehicles and parts (single unit and/or multi-unit shipping)
  • Arranging all domestic documentation (registration, and de-registration of vehicles)
  • Arranging all export documentation (export certification & customs clearance)
  • Arranging compliance procedures for imported cars and motorcycles
  • Preparation of vehicles for SVA and MSVA test (UK)
  • Preparation of vehicles for SEVS compliance (Australia)