Vehicle price up to 400,000 yen = 90,000 yen per vehicle
Vehicle price from 400,001 – 800,000 yen = 100,000 yen per vehicle
Vehicle price from 800,001 – 1,000,000 yen = 110,000 yen per vehicle
Vehicle price from 1,000,001 – 1,200,000 yen = 120,000 yen per vehicle
Vehicle price over 1,200,000 yen = 10% of vehicle purchase price


FOB fees include the following

– Auction vehicle purchase fee
– Transport to the nearest port for sedan sized vehicles purchased from regular auction houses (some vehicles may require extra land transport – please see extra costs information below)
– De-registration documentation (Export Certificate)
– Translation of the de-registration certificate into English (if required)
– Booking of vehicles for shipping
– Customs clearance fees in Japan
– 30 days storage from the purchase date of the vehicle
– Delivery by EMS international courier of the vehicle import documents, including the Bill of Lading (if a hard copy is required), export certificate, and export certificate translation (if required)



Cars purchased from regular Japanese auction houses within the Tokyo area will not require any extra land transport costs. Cars purchased from outside of the Tokyo area, or from sources outside of the regular Japanese auction houses (including vehicles purchased from dealers, vehicles purchased from end-users, vehicles purchased from public internet auctions etc), or over-sized vehicles (trucks, buses, machinery etc.) may require extra inland transport. Vehicles purchased from auctions that are not located close to a shipping port may also require extra transport charges. Please be sure to ask our staff for inland transport quotes prior to bidding.

Vehicle inspections

All the vehicles in the Japanese used vehicle auctions are inspected, and condition reports are available for every vehicle. Our staff also inspect target vehicles at the auctions we attend. It is also possible to arrange for further detailed inspections to be carried out on any auction vehicle, regardless of it`s location. There will be a 2,000 yen fee payable for inspections of vehicles at auctions where our staff are not in attendance.

Pre-export inspections for import law compliance

Some countries require vehicles to be pre-inspected and certified in Japan, prior to export. Any fees for pre-export inspections carried out in Japan must be paid for by the importer.


Storage is free for the first 30 days after the purchase date of the vehicle. Storage costs for sedan sized vehicles after the first 30 days from the purchase date will be 300 yen per day. Storage fees for over-sized vehicles (trucks, buses etc) after the first 30 days from purchase will also apply, please be sure to check with the FVEJ staff in regards to storage costs for larger vehicles.

Other costs

All other costs beyond the FOB inclusive costs listed above (for example de-gassing of air-con units for import law compliance etc.), are payable by the importer.

Post import costs

All costs after the vehicle arrives to port at destination are payable by, and are the sole responsibility of the importer. Please be sure to check with your local authorities in regards to import and compliance related costs and procedures in your country.