New car prices in Japan are low, which makes used car prices even lower. Sought after, high quality vehicles, can be purchased for excellent prices from the vehicle auctions in Japan.


Japanese engineering is world renowned, and without a doubt, Japan produces some of the world’s best and most affordable vehicles.


Due to the excellent public transport system in Japan, vehicles are used less frequently than in other countries. Which means low mileage vehicles are the norm, rather than the exception.


Competition between car manufacturers in Japan ensures vehicles are sold fully loaded. Standard specs available in Japanese domestic market vehicles include, air-conditioning, central locking, auto-closing doors, power everything, alloy wheels, double sunroofs, heated seats, heated mirrors, parking assist (sonar), reversing cameras, TV, navigation, and the kitchen sink!


There are over 75,000,000 registered vehicles on the road in Japan. Over 98% of all vehicles pass through the Japanese auction system at least once. That is a lot of cars to choose from!


In order to support the huge Japanese car manufacturing industry, the Japanese vehicle registration “shakken” system, was designed to encourage the fast turnover of vehicles. New vehicles receive a 3 year registration period, after which vehicles receive a 2 year registration period, finally only a 1 year registration period is available for older vehicles. This system encourages high turnover of vehicles at the 5-7 year mark. Fortunately, the “shakken” system also feeds Japan`s used car auctions with 100,000s of high quality, low mileage, relatively late model vehicles.