Bike Auctions

  • To browse the BDS BIKE AUCTION bikes (private auction), please click on the BIKE AUCTION LOGIN icon below.
  • To browse Yahoo Auction bikes (public auction), or Dealer Stock bikes, please choose your target models from the table below.
  • To ensure that priority is given to genuine buyers, a deposit will be required prior to providing information about specific bikes, or bidding on your target bikes. All deposits are fully refundable up until a bike has been purchased. Deposits can be paid by paypal, credit card (via paypal), or by bank transfer. Please check the HOW TO BUY BIKES section for further information relating to deposits, and purchasing procedures.
  • BDS AUCTION BIKES: To ask questions, or place bids on specific BDS AUCTION bikes (private auction), please contact us using the “MAKE A BID, OR PLACE A REQUEST” button, located on every page of the BDS AUCTION website (in the right hand top corner of each page).
  • YAHOO AUCTION, GOO BIKE (Dealer stock), or BIKE BROS (Dealer stock) bikes: To ask questions, or place bids on specific YAHOO AUCTION, GOO BIKE, or BIKE BROS bikes, please contact us using the BIKE ORDER FORM below.
  • For all auction bikes, please be sure to contact us at least 48 hours before the auction is due to finish with your questions and/or maximum bids.
  • If you have any general questions, about model availability, the purchase and import process or require any assistance, please contact us via the ENQUIRY icon below. We are happy to answer any questions you have in regards to importing motorcycles, mini-bikes, and the latest and best tuning parts, direct from the source!!!
  • All bike parts and engines can be shipped for free when shipped with bikes, so please be sure to check out the BIKE PARTS section of the site, for big savings on shipping fees.
  • All bike links listed below can be translated with google translator (or other web translator).