Over 98% of all used vehicles sold in Japan, are sold through the used car auction system. Having direct access to Japan’s trade only used car auctions enables us to source the vehicles you want, at the best possible prices.

Our auction memberships cover over 100 auction houses in Japan. And we take part in live auctions from Monday to Saturday. Through Japan`s trade only auctions, we have access to more than 50,000 vehicles, and 5,000 motorcycles a week. Our member auctions range in size from the largest in the world, to small, dealer only auctions, where we are able to source vehicles that may not be readily available through the main stream mega auctions in Japan. We are also in a position that enables us to actively purchase vehicles, directly from end-users, prior to the vehicles being put to auction.

All vehicles are inspected by trained professionals prior to sale at auction. It is also possible to have each target vehicle physically inspected, and we are more than happy to talk you through your target vehicles over the phone, provide better pictures when possible, and answer any questions you may have direct from the auction. We take pride in our reputation of supplying high quality vehicles that exceed our customers expectations.